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We have yet to come across a dog expert that does note rate the Boxer as at least "good" with kids, and for the most part, rate him as "excellent" to "the best" in this category.

Some dog-people that really are not specifically experts on the breed are concerned that the Boxers high octane playfulness (combined with his athletic physique) may make him dangerous around small children.

Our own experience is that this is simply not the case. Boxers have a very strong sense of their own strength. Not only with kids, but for example, ours rough -house much more physically with me than they do my wife.

They are also generally quite gentle with babies:

As we note in our Boxer Dog history breeders of the Boxers predecessors, the Bullenbesser (bull biter-pictured below right) note as far back as the mid-17th century that altough “powerful, strong and agile and brave” on the hunt, when not at work, these dogs were family pets and were “trustworthy, loving and protective to the women and children”.

As with most breeds, females are thought have a gentler nature, particularly with children. But we still would not exclude a male Boxer from be sensitive to little people.

Boxers are not only athletic, but tough too. They have a very high pain tolerance, which in fact makes it difficult to recognise when they are injured sometimes. The relevance for children is that a naughty "ear" or "tail" tug will not only be easily forgiven, in most cases it will go unnoticed.

The Boxers innate self-confidence, while sometimes making him a bit hard-headed (as well as lovable!) serves him well amongst loud and/or overly rambunctious children.

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Personally, I have NEVER seen a Boxer snap when either being awoken, nor if you try to take a bone away from him.

For all this gentleness, the Boxer's strength and agility, and strong bark (when he uses it) makes him a formidable gaurd dog and thus makes him the ideal house dog for households with or without children of any age.

Pictured below is the famous Bang Away who is undoubtedly about to make two small faces very wet.

Bang Away, is the Boxer who took the breed to the general public, and made people perhaps for the first time begin to view the Boxer as suitable to families as he is to gaurding or working.

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In conclusion:

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