White Boxer Puppies

White Boxer Puppies are Brindle or Fawn BOXERS with too much flash.

To meet AKC standards Boxers must be at least 2/3 Fawn or Brindle to be showable or technically breedable.

Since white boxers do not meet this standard, they are often put down at birth.

Other breeders are often willing to give the pups away. We are happy to advertise such puppies here, free of charge. Any breeder desiring to advertise their white puppies should contact us.

Read more about our views on the White Boxer here and here.

As we state elsewhere, we a are currently contacting breeders that share our goals and will try to keep you up to date with puppies that are currently "on the block".

(If the pups below are for sale, their pics will be linked to the breeder).

White Boxer Puppy

White Boxer Puppy 2

Irish Pride Boxers of East Tennessee are "White Puppy Friendly" (photo below, linked):
White Boxer Puppy in Chair

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