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White Boxer Pictures.... click here for pics of fawn, brindle, reverse brindle, or cute pictures. We write quite a bit about the White Boxer here. In that article we describe how hypocritical of some breeders and breed judges are to exclude White Boxers from the breed on one hand, and yet reward "flashy boxers" in the ring on the other.

It is, in fact,the attempt to breed for flash that leads to 25% of boxer puppies being born today being white.

Some breeders euthanise these wonderful puppies. Others are kinder, and find homes for them, either giving them away free or at a discount.

Since the white boxer is associated with a number of genetic disorders, we wish breeders would do the right thing, and try to include at least one "plain" non-flashy boxer in each pairing- in such cases the chances of producing a white puppy are practically nill, and still, (if one of the mating pair is flashy), 25% to 50% of the pups will have the desired markings, while the others will still be solid breeding stock....

Anyways on to the pictures:

White Boxer

Lovely from Clay Buttons.com:
Boxer Baby

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