Westminster Kennel Club Crowns new Boxer Queen

The Westminster Kennel Club surprised no one in crowning GCH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, Queen for a Year of the Boxer World.

Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream is obvioulsy a beautiful specimen of our beautiful breed.

But what is distressing, is how The Kennel Club, in spite of standing adamantly against the production or breeding of white boxers (for HEALTH, not cosmetic reasons), continues to award breeders for producing dogs that certainly resulted in at least some production(and most likely 25% of all puppies produced) white boxers.

We wax lyrical on the subject here, so for now we will suffice it to say that practically every Boxer breeder at the show appears to have prioritized the risk of producing white boxers well below the opportunity to produce a champion, yet again this year.

Even if the judge wanted to award a plain dog, she would have been hard pressed to find one amongst the entrants.

It appears "flashiness approaching legal limits" has become an unwritten standard for the breed, as has fawn color. Though colors themselves trend in and out of fashion.

Even discounting the health risks of enforcing needless confomity and flashiness at shows, it is our opinion, that the fact that individual Boxer characteristics can vary so widely from dog to dog, and still strongly conform to official breed standards, is a true attribute of the Boxer.

It seems this beautiful aspect of the breed has been subordinated to the quest of breeding the "next Bang Away".

We counted only one brindle amonsgt the Boxer entrants this year, and he was quite flashy as well.

We state elsewhere that we are neither expert breeders nor geneticists, but one needs to be neither to look at ALL of the key contestants at this year's Westminster and note an uneccesary, non-standard defined, conformity.

One also does not have to be either a geneticist nor mathmetician to understand that breeding two flashy boxers will result in 25% of the puppies produced being white.

Congratulations to the winners. These are truly beautiful animals.

Shame on the system that rewards certain people's perception of beauty over the long term health of the best dog breed in the world.

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