Photos of Boxer Dogs (Fawn)

Here is a collection of Photos of Boxer Dogs particularly Fawn Boxers. If you want to see reverse brindles, .... or for "cute" boxer pics click here ....

The most famous Boxer of all time was a fawn named Bang Away:

Bang Away Index

Here is a portrait of Bang Away, made after he became the third Boxer to win "Best in Show" at the prestigous Westminster Kennel Club:
Bang Away Portrait

Boxers are soooo laid back:
Cool Boxer Dogs

Boxer on Beach
Leaping Boxer

This guy's picture is everywhere, nowadays:
Boxer Face

Boxers are great with kids:
Baby Sitter
Boxer Baby Bucket

Here are a couple of classic, regal looking fawns:
Fawn Boxer

And here are a couple of classic fawn clowns:
Oscar the Boxer
Cute Boxer Dog 2

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