Famous Boxer Dogs

There are numerous famous boxer dogs and boxer heros. Here are 10 of the most well-known of today and yesterday:

Bang Away

Bang Away Index

Amongst famous Boxer Dogs, Bang Away is a classic case of the "enigma with a stigma".

On the one hand he was a transformational dog, especially for the American Boxer World: he was the pioneer of the "flashy", taller, more elegant Boxer so loved in on the show circuit as well as in our homes, today.

Though, he took the breed to new levels, the combination of his prolific production of Champions (he sired 81) and the irresponsible breeding practices of the day... read more.


Flocki was the dog who won the first official showing of Boxer Dogs- a competition that actually took place at a Saint Bernard Show in 1895.

Thus he was was the first to enter the German Stud Book as a "Boxer", which in effect marks the "official" birth of the breed.

Flocki's sire was Tom, an English Bulldog, and his Dam was Alt's Schnecken a mixed Bullenbeisser. It was Flocki's sister, the appropriately named 'Blanka', who together with sire, Picolo vom Argentor produced Meta Von der Passage, who in turn,through her proloctivity has become known as the "Mother of the Breed".
As the picture shows, Meta was not a prorotypical Boxer, at least by to day's standards, but it was in her that the "English Bulldog to Bullenbeisser" ratio basically peaked.

The picture also shows poor Meta looking very "motherish"!

We cannot find infusions of more Bulldog genes into the Boxer line, which probably helps explain how the breed evoved from a predominantly white one to its current standard. That, of course and that there is an active programme to discourage the white trait.

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