Brindle Boxer Puppies

Brindle Boxer Puppies- pics!

As we state elsewhere, we a are currently contacting breeders that share our goals and will try to keep you up to date with puppies that are currently "on the block".

Included in our pictures here are reverse brindle puppies too. Which are "striped" puppies whose stripes are so wide, they look almost solidly dark.

(If the pups below are for sale, their pics will be linked to the breeder).

In the meantime, enjoy some pics, and browse our site to learn more about the breed:

Brindle Boxer Puppy 4 mos

Universum Zara

Brindle Boxer Puppy 3wks

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Brindle Boxer Puppy  Trifecta
Brindle Puppies in a Box

Universum Zoe

Cute Brindle Boxer Puppy

If you have a picture of a brindle puppy you would like to share with us, please contact us here. However, we reserve the right to refuse to advertise puppies for sale from anyone we don't know. (Please don't take this personal!)

We will post anyone who simply wants to show off their own pups though.

You can see more sweet dog pics here.

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