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Here is our collection of Boxer Dog Images, specifically reverse brindle dogs. You may note that some of the photos are linked to the owners of the picture. Click here for brindle, fawn, white, or various cute boxers. Click here to see our mixed collection. Our Boxer Pictures of reverse brindles, will probably wind up becoming are largest individual collection, simply because they happen to be our favorite colour. Not that we have ever met a boxer we don't fall in love with.

We start you off with a picture of our "Carly" (her Kennel Name is Universum Ulrike ).

Boxer Brindle

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Here's one of Carly's dad, Carlo (that's where Carly gets her name!):

Carlo von Joy
Carlo is recognised as one of the best studs in Hungary. His mother is a Champion named Bonita:
Boxer Dog Champion

Here is a picture of Carly's mom, Annabella.
Brindle Boxer Female

And here is a picture of Annabella with three of Carly's newest half brothers and sisters:
Boxer Puppies Brindle
Carly is about 20 months old, so we may soon be approaching the good folks at Sonnenaufgang kennels about potentially mating her with this guy:
Reverse Brindle Boxer Male

his name is Denver, and since Carly has practically no flash, we don't think we'd get any white boxer puppies from the litter, but definitely some (maybe all) reverse brindles.

If you would like us to post a picture of your reverse brindle boxer, tell us about him or her.

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