Boxer Dog Colors

Boxer Dog Colors

Read here to read about Black Boxer Dogs or white boxer dogs.


Fawn is the base color of the breed all other patterns and hues are variations on the fawn theme.

Fawn itself comes in the golden yellowish, reddish, and deep red (mahogany) varieties.

Plain Fawn

Plain Fawn Boxer

Nicely displays the muscles (and this is a bitch!)

Plain Red (Fawn)

Plain Red Fawn Boxer

Plain Mahogany (Fawn)

Plain Mahogany Boxer

Flashy Fawn

"Flash" is the white markings on the Boxer coat.

It is common on the chest,and is often found on the nose and feet.

Flashy Fawn Boxer

Very flashy, and very light fawn.

Flashy Red

Flashy Red Boxer


Flashy Mahogany

Flashy Mahogany Boxer


Brindle Plain

Brindle A

Extremely plain (almost no "flash" or white).

Brindle Boxer
Plain brindle

Reverse Brindle Plain

Our Carly, looks like she dipped her toes and tail in milk...she has a line of salt on her nose too.

Brindle Sealed

Often confused with or mis-sold as "black" (read more)...

Reverse Brindle Sealed

... and you can see why.

Brindle Flashy

Flashy Brindle

Reverse Brindle Flashy

Slighty Flashy

Slightly flashy, almost plain.
(RIP, our puppy-angel, Zeppelin)

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A white boxer is a fawn or brindle with too much "flash".

If a Boxer is more than 1/3 white the dog is excluded from shows, and ostensibly from breeding, though many "professional" breeders intentionally choose mating pairs with a high probability of yielding at least one white pup in the litter, in their quest for "flashiness".

Boxer Baby

White Boxer

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