Boxer Puppies for Sale (Infolinks 2013)

Boxer puppies for sale isn't just about puppies, but it is just about Boxers.

We love all dogs, but we believe the Boxer is special. Have a look around our site to see why.

We are an American-Hungarian couple, currently living with our Boxer in Budapest. We have also lived for six years in the UK- and therefore, have acquired a very "hands on" experience base with Boxers from all three main 'types': American, European and English.

Boxer-Dogs, we have learned the hard way, over the years, come with their own particular set of medical problems and issues. We will try to share what we have learned here. For more on the "hard way", see our "Mission"...

But our Boxer experience has brought us far more joy than travail and we will ensure that this site reflects exactly that state of play... AND WE DO MEAN PLAY!


Boxer Dogs
Boxer Dogs, simply the best man's best friend. Find out why, here.
Boxer Dog History
Boxer Dog History
Original Articles
Original Articles
Boxer Health Problems
Boxer Health Problems, unique to the breed, the sporty and fun-loving nature of this breed somewhat overshadows some serious health issues evry owner should be aware of
Dog Skin Problems
Dog skin problems. Everything from dry skin to ticks to itchy ears....
Boxer Dog Colors
Boxer dog colors, description and pics.
holistic veterinary medicine
holistic veterinary medicine is a relatively new but fast growing field. We use two traditional and one holistic veterinarian for our dogs. One reason why is because we value second opinions. The
Best Dog Food
Best Dog Food for you Boxer and other mid to large sized breeds. We are specifically interested in the Boxer breed but some of our research is relevant to all dogs...
Vitamins for Dogs
Vitamins for Dogs, a glossary of vitamins and minerals, especially for Boxer Dogs.
Free Dog Training Manual
Free Dog Training Manual, a collection of tips we have learned through 'hands on' experience, conversations with veterinarians and online. Particuarly about Boxers.
Famous Boxer Dogs
Famous Boxer Dogs, important dogs in the history of the breed, and in history in general.
Famous Boxer Owners
Famous Boxer Owners, all Boxer owners, like their dogs, are special... But not all of us are famous, yet.... here are a few who are and stories about them and their best friends.
Pictures of Boxer Dogs
Pictures of Boxer Dogs, a collection of some of our favorites.
Boxer Dog Pictures II
Boxer Dog Pictures, our second page of boxer pics....
Boxer Dog Dictionary
Boxer Dog Dictionary: the vernacular of the breed, confusing jargon about the Boxer dog clarified here...
Our Mission
Our Mission, our website was born in tragedy, we are now happy again with our Boxers. Our site is dedicated to not only Boxer Puppies, but puppies bred to ensure the longetivity of this breed.
Boxer Puppies for Sale
Boxer Puppies for Sale and just to look at.
Boxer Breeders
Boxer Breeders in North America.
Boxer Dog Breeders
Boxer Dog Breeders in Europe
Boxer Blog
Boxer Puppies for Sale Blog about anything and everything Boxer Dog.